About Pollock Actuarial

Established in 1992, as Pollock & Galbraith the company has taken instructions and prepared reports for several hundred firms of solicitors as well as accountants, financial advisers and life insurance companies.

Since 2002 John has been a member of the influential Ogden Working Party which prepares the Ogden Tables of multipliers used by solicitors in the quantification of damages. He has appeared in Courts and Tribunals across the UK in a range of matters on which he has prepared opinions, with pension loss, loss of support and life expectancy calculations being a particular specialty. In any year the company produces several hundred expert witness reports, mainly in personal injury and fatal accident cases. These are specifically tailored to the jurisdiction involved.

  • He was responsible for drafting the Actuarial Professional Standard: “The Actuary as an expert in Legal Proceedings”
  • He was appointed by the Ministry of Justice in 2015 to provide evidence to the Lord Chancellor on the setting of the personal injury discount rate
  • A free initial inspection of papers is offered after which a specific fixed fee quotation will be given and fees for consultations and Court appearances are based on hourly rates

John Pollock BSc, PhD, FFA

John is one of the few actuaries in the UK who specialises in the provision of expert witness opinions on the actuarial aspects of a range of legal matters.

John Pollock

Dr Pollock – Consulting Actuary Qualifications

  • BSc Degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics (1st Class Honours)
  • Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries
  • PhD in Medical Statistics, Edinburgh University


Born in 1962 Dr Pollock has lectured and examined in both actuarial mathematics and statistics, both at University and for the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. He has served as the external examiner for postgraduate actuarial science degree courses at Heriot-Watt University. Prior to becoming involved in expert witness projects Dr Pollock had a background in institutional investment management, in London and Edinburgh, and was a member of the FT Actuaries Index Committee.

Dr Pollock qualified as a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in 1986 and has been involved in providing expert actuarial opinions on a range of legal matters for around 25 years. He has been the representative of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries on the ‘Ogden Working Party’ since the publication of the 4th edition of the Actuarial Tables with explanatory notes for use in Personal Injury and Fatal Accident Cases in 2000. He was involved in drafting the Actuarial Professional Standard X3: The Actuary as an Expert in Legal Proceedings. In 2015 Dr Pollock was appointed by the Ministry of Justice to serve on an expert panel to provide advice to the Lord Chancellor and his counterparts in the devolved administrations on matters relating to the setting of the discount rate for use in cases of personal injury and fatal accident.

The main areas where Dr Pollock provides opinions are as follows. He produces or supervises the production of several hundred reports each year:

  • Personal injury cases – Loss of pension, loss of earnings, costs of care, multipliers etc
  • Personal injury cases – Advice on the structuring of Periodic Payment Orders
  • Life expectancy issues – Life expectancy for disabled/injured claimants & multipliers
  • Fatal accident cases – Loss of support from earnings and post retirement income
  • Discount rate issues – Reports on investment conditions and discount rates
  • Employment Tribunals – Loss of pension and share option calculations
  • Trust & Probate – Valuation of life and reversionary interests, probate valuations
  • Family law – Pension and share option valuation on divorce, pension sharing

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Alexander Pollock, Bsc CAA

Alexander qualified as a Certified Actuarial Analyst Member of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in 2023 and is now taking on a more senior client facing role.

Alexander Pollock


Born in 1998, Alexander graduated in 2020 from Warwick Business School at Warwick University with a BSc degree in Management (2:1), having competed modules in financial mathematics, financial markets and technology, accounting, marketing, economics, governance, organisation theory, management of businesses and quantitative analysis. 

Pollock & Galbraith – June 2020 to December 2023 – Student Actuarial Analyst

After graduation Alexander joined Pollock & Galbraith where has assisted in the preparation of several hundred reports whilst also studying to be a Certified Actuarial Analyst Member of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.  He has been involved in preparing the calculations and drafting reports for the following work areas. 

  • Personal injury cases, loss of pension, earnings and other heads of claim
  • Fatal accident cases calculating pre and post retirement loss of support.
  • Trust and probate matters, calculating life and reversionary interests. 
  • Pension loss in employment tribunal cases
  • Family law, pension valuation and sharing on divorce. 

Alexander is responsible for retrieving and parsing the information needed to undertake these cases by communicating with clients and gathering information online. He assists in keeping records of the cases the firm has been involved in and updating the software the company uses to calculate losses and monitor changing investment conditions. 

To qualify as a Certified Actuarial Analyst, Alexander passed exams on the following topics. 

  • An introductory exam which focused on advanced mathematics.
  • Mathematics of Finance (valuation of cash flows, discounting, rates of return, actuarial applications) 
  • Statistics & Probability (statistical distributions and applications to actuarial problems, survival models)
  • Life Actuarial Mathematics (assurances, annuities, reversions, mortality studies)
  • Non-Life Actuarial Mathematics (statistical models for non-life actuarial applications including reinsurance). 
  • Actuarial Modelling – Study of approaches to the use of software to analyse and report on data and predict outcomes, mainly using Excel.

Pollock Actuarial – January 2024 onwards

Having qualified as a Certified Actuarial Analyst Member of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in 2023, Alexander is now taking on a more senior client facing role and is looking forward to extending his knowledge and experience supporting the company’s many clients. 

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